At The Fashion Coterie, our Production Services are the culmination of our commitment to enhancing your brand’s image and product quality. Through close collaboration with leading artists, we provide access to creative realms that elevate your brand’s identity and products.


Research and Moodboard

Our journey begins with thorough research and moodboarding to realize and develop your collections, laying the foundation for your unique vision.


We are passionate about crafting your brand’s identity. We create logos, brand identities, brand guidelines, and graphic charters that encapsulate the essence of your universe.


At the heart of our approach is a passion for shaping your brand’s identity. We collaborate with expert partners to bring you the finest in logo design, brand identities, brand guidelines, and graphic charters, all expertly crafted to capture the very essence of your distinctive universe.


Pattern & Sampling

Our experienced modelers breathe life into your inspiration and vision through meticulous pattern development and prototype creation. We meticulously control the gradation of models and oversee the production technical sheets.


Our team specializes in elevating your fashion creations through meticulously detailed techpacks and bills of materials. We streamline production to ensure your designs come to life with precision.


We support your quest for raw material suppliers and manufacturers by leveraging our extensive network and in depth knowledge of leading global trade fairs.


Upon your request, we ensure a smooth start to production and provide unwavering follow- up until the final delivery.


For us, quality is non-negotiable. We implement customized inspection procedures, monitor results, and assist in corrective actions to ensure your quality objectives and timelines are met with the utmost precision and responsibility.


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