At The Fashion Coterie, our Production Services are the culmination of our commitment to enhancing your brand’s image and product quality. Through close collaboration with leading artists, we provide access to creative realms that elevate your brand’s identity and products.


Design a Unified Vision

Working closely with the creative team, we craft a cohesive vision for projects that encompasses current trends, mood boards, colors, and style choices for publications, catalogs, displays, and advertisements.

Visual Format

Creating the Overall Look

Our craft involves a meticulous curation of characters wardrobe and visual aesthetics, tailored to seamlessly align with the script, characters, and the distinct visual tone of your production—whether it’s for a TV show, a captivating video clip, a cinematic masterpiece, or any other visual format.

Fashion Show

Fashion Show Styling

We collaborate closely with designers, creative teams, and models to create and execute the overall visual concept and wardrobe styling for fashion shows, bringing designers visions to life.

Personal Stylist Services

Wardrobe Consultation

Our experts assist individuals in decluttering, organizing, and revitalizing their wardrobes.

Personal Shopping

Whether accompanying clients on shopping trips or shopping on their behalf, we consider style preferences and budgets.

Personalized Styling Expertise

Our passion lies in providing you with a personalized styling service, where we excel in piecing together outfits from your current collection or recent fashion finds. We’re here to make sure you look and feel your best every day.

Special Occasion/Red Carpet

For events such as weddings and galas, we help clients choose outfits that align with the occasion and personal style.

Virtual Styling

In the era of online shopping, we oer advice and recommendations to clients via video conferencing, chats or email.

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